Saturday, August 18, 2007

Midian Files Episode 3

First a few notes... I have the pictures done finally for my swimsuit review... In fact they've been done for 3 days now... I just need to find time to do the review posts (probably 2 as their are dozens of swimsuits). Edit: Which didn't happen, but you can see them on my flickr page.

Now to Midian for part 3 people have been asking me for since I didn't get a chance to post this week:

Well this week hasn't been as interesting as last. Ok, maybe that's not quite correct. I did have one good night in the TZ... Which has become my usual haunt were I drink later as I still don't know what these drinks are...

Edit: And this is where it ended, I never finished this post, but since I started on Midian Files #4 I decided to at least post this much... Things are rather fuzzy for me as to what happened which week/month/etc that far back now (5 or 6 months ago), so I can't finish it now... Sorry!

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