Thursday, May 31, 2007

RL Girlfriends Birthday

My Girlfriend in RL is a birthday girl today, so I probably won't get into SL today to do any shopping. Probably sorta good as I have a whole $80L to my name at the moment due to my last shopping spree... ;)

If you do catch a glimpse of me tonight it would probably be dancing at Castle Hornet... I'm trying to talk my boss at the club into buying some of those nice outfits for guys at Nocturnal Threads, so maybe we can even get him into wearing some nice clothes for a change... ^_^

Also a shout out to those new to SL and haven't managed to find any clothes to their taste... If you need a hand finding some good deals to suit your non-main stream fashion sense send me a message and I'll give you a hand... Or some freebies from my own collection!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Early Morning Shopping...

Well I woke up 2 hours early today and couldn't get back to bed, so I did what any other clothes-whore would do... Go Shopping!

This mornings first stop was Stellar Designs to see what their policy on handling exchanges is. This was disappointing... Their policy allows no refunds, exchanges, returns, and no exceptions... Gesh... I want to try some of your other outfits, but I'm not sure I want to deal with absolutely no returns or exchanges... Sometimes it looks good on the model, but not the AV... Less of a problem with the real world, but in RL we can exchange anything that's not damaged!

Then I went looking in my list of shopping 'targets' and headed over to Nomine... I've been meaning to visit it more, but it always seems to crash SL... So I decided to give it another shot... I also happened to bump into a pair of Neko escort girls there shopping for skins... Personally I tried a demo of the 'china' skin while I was visiting the skin section, but the price of skins is a tad steep for me atm with all the other clothes purchases I'd like... Upstairs was more interesting bits and pieces... I wish someone would buy me the rose dress or that spider queen outfit (among many many others!) and those sexy animations looked awfully fun... But three crashes later I'd had more than enough of Nomine... Wish I knew why I can't really visit that lovely place...

So moving down the list I decided to take a look at Huddles which is a group that does scripting and HUD gadgets/toys. They have one particular device which I'd love to try out with handy AO features for dancing and all sorts of fun looking extras... Sigh, if only it weren't twice the cost of a full outfit from a normal clothes shop... Seems the perfect thing for a party girl...

It seems though that they have a deal with two more interesting stores which I then took trips to: Skanks-R Us & Nocturnal Threads.

Skanks-R Us has a small, but insanely well textured set of goth, leather, and other alternative clothes and accessories. I could easily drop a few $k L in there with few problems... Oh and they ask for suggestions on new items! I know I'd love a pair of shiny Gothic silver anklets... I'm not sure why, but anklet's are so hard to find... Does know one else want to show off their legs with a splash of metallic gleam...?

Next I turned to Nocturnal Threads. Nocturnal Threads seems a bit bigger than Skanks-R Us and (listen up guys!) carries mens clothes! Yes it's not all for the ladies here! Always wanted to match your Gothic sweetie, but couldn't find any good threads...? Look no further! Back to my area of expertise though... I could easily drop $20 USD in the womens clothes section without noticing and there is this sweet open front unisex jacket in the mens department I would kill to have...

I also ran into another neko at Nocturnal Threads, helping a man in need of some clothing assistance... And probably charging him a pretty penny for the much needed helping hand... ^_^

I guess this is when all the neko's come out to play! Tonight I think I'll need to do some shopping at Casual Kitties... I love so many pieces of clothing there it's always hard to go...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's shopping trip: Stellar Designs & Wild Rose

Well I went shopping which is basically a daily routine for me and I decided to go looking for a schoolgirl outfit... Yes I know hardly an original quest, but I felt kinky and just knew I could make some guys drool with my neko jogakusei (cat schoolgirl)...

I'd heard Stellar Designs had a good schoolgirl design, so I decided to head there and take a look. Now I've never been there before, so the first thing I do is wonder around looking at all the clothes (I didn't check out Stellar Designs other sections yet). I saw a few 'could be a schoolgirl' designs before finding the schoolgirl design I'd heard about. I also found what looked like a hot teacher outfit and a few sexy looking Gothic or leather numbers... But I was on a mission, so I'll come back for those. This is what I ended up with:

Which doesn't look bad... The outfit didn't come with socks or shoes so those both came from my previous outfit for this picture and I think both were actually freebies I came across. The hair is from Wilted Rose and is my current favorite in 'wild red' colors. If you visit Wilted Rose you will find this hair with very few problems. The neko accessories are from Jungle Voodoo and I bought a pack of both leopard spot and striped designs in a large range of colors just awhile ago.... I love them so much! They even twitch and move on their own!

Unfortunately I can't praise this schoolgirl outfit, even though I do think it can look good... My favorite part is the flexi skirt which does an amazing job of looking cute and sexy on the outside... The problem I have with it comes down to the base clothing level which gives the look it's sweet belt look, from the inside though rather than being a underwear or skirt base, the made this layer pants... So if I bend over for a sexy pose it looks like I'm wearing ugly tartan shorts rather than a cute sexy thong or even white panties... Depending on if I'm trying to look innocent or not... ;) Note to the designer: change this! I want to be a sexy schoolgirl not the one with the worst ass around! Now on to the top... The top is one layer, which sucks... The vest is attached to the shirt as is the tie... It looks... Ok, but it would have been so much better if the tie was flexi (as some other outfits I saw were) and had the sweater as a jacket layer that I could even mix 'n match later. The detail though on the top is sorely lacking...

In the end I just don't like the outfit, no matter how much I do want to like it... Could we please have an updated version...? Pretty please...? With a frilly red neko on top...? ;)

So I went back to mt previous outfit... My favorite sexy red dress!

This design is one I think I picked up as a freebie and I cannot find the original owner of it... If you know I want to hear from you! I'm just dying to pick up a black version of this! I have not found a better sexy dress & I've been looking! The gloves however are from yet another outfit, that I'd tried on prior to donning this dress and forgot to take off, when I found out they match very well... They come from yet another collection of freebie goods that had no name on them, so I can't tell anyone that I like them... Finishing the outfit is this nice fishnet shrug which also comes from Wilted Rose. I love this sexy little shrug (which is colorable, though here it's in plain white to contrast the rest of the outfit), I try it with almost everything as it's my favorite 'jacket'. It comes in a nice set of fishnet items. Bikini top and bottom, thigh highs, gloves, and shrug with some items having dual layer options so it's your choice which layer you wear it as. It was also inexpensive, which is always a plus. I'll use this set in another outfit I'll show off tomorrow...

I'll also mention Wilted Rose has a discount off-shot called Freebie Jeebies that carries some nice (& not so nice) things all for $1L. I bought a bunch of fun T's there and managed to win my fave t-shirt of all time there as well (it's my shirt with the word 'slut' written all over it)! ^_^

I think I'll go shopping again now, see you all later!

Hello World Wide Web!

Ok both in real life and in my virtual life I'm a complete clothes-whore... I 'play' Second Life and I start doing things I wouldn't dream of in real life (well ok maybe dream of...), so I can buy that black leather halter top at the store... I'm still considered 'new' by some SL standards (currently my AV is just over 2 weeks old).

So I was reading all these blogs on fashion within Second Life and I realized that they would once in awhile touch on Gothic, silk, lingerie, Neko, Fantasy, and other fashions from SL, but for the most part they left them out.... 3 posts about silks from more than 200 blog posts! I could fill three chapters about them... So it struck me... Why not do my own blog about those fashions getting light coverage...?

So here it is!

I'll talk about just about every type of fashion in SL... From the wildest (demonic looks and the height of Gothic fade) to the tamest (the must have: tiny black dress and it's brother the sexy ass red dress). As well as skins, shapes, accessories, and jewelry... A girl can never have to much jewelry, damn it! I'll also give some lessons on cool mix & match designs, which is my specialty... As soon as I have some pictures up I'll start a guide to my current faves and work on up!

For now visit some of my favorite shops and if your an owner of one of my favorite shops I'll take review copies! I love your clothes... Heck I will gladly sell my virtual body out to buy them, so let me help you sell!

Anyways... Here are some of my favorites (from the top of my head!):
Wilted Rose
Sin skins