Monday, December 17, 2007


I managed to have two parties on the same day... Overlapping each other this weekend... But I took some pics of each:

Bloggers Party for December

My Apartment Warming/Beach Party

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midian Files: Return Week 2 Part 1

This last week started with me trying to comfort those I know hit by Disco's death. Namely Markko and Edna. I finally saw Edna's husband Cadyn to, I know Cadyn from when he was dating my friend Rena who I keep trying to find though she's never around when I visit her haunts. They were busy with something I didn't really understand though, so I let them be after trying to cheer them up some. I did find out however that Disco's funeral would be the next day.

The rest of the day was hanging out with new kittens. Specifically the new kitten, Brekka. I came across her when heading up to the den after my morning walk. She was talking with Thulana (I think, sorry If I'm wrong! my faulty memory) another new kitty. Soon we were joined by Fra, yet another new kitty since I'd left. And to make this an even bigger group that was when Dui arrived. We'd been trying to help her out while keeping her out of the den as the den is for walkers, all others are to be kept out without invitation from Rith or Chai. I'd even given Brekka a santa hat to keep her ears warm. Dui decided to invite us all to her sushi place. Everyone accepted, besides me. I wanted to find a few things before I forgot.

Once I was done I joined everyone at Dui's very busy sushi bar. We even had Beatriz and Reiyn drop in. Both are walkers, Beatriz the older and Reiyn the newer. In fact I'd never meet Reiyn before coming back. Dui invited Brekka to join the walkers as a kitten like me. She accepted. Things broke up a bit soon after. Dui cooked me some Okonomiyaki and Korokke, yum! We took the kitten back to the den to give her the kittens tour, well more Dui did and I tagged along. In the end she decided to go to sleep so I gave her a blanket to keep her warm. Soon after I headed to my own bed for the night.

The next day was interesting... To say the least. My day would end with Disco's funeral, but the chaos started when Mari was caught on the den roof again by Reiyn who made a big fuss over it. Most of us don't want to get involved in it, but he stuck to Rith's rule hard and fast. Then Rith herself arrived and the gathering of kitties was about to watch a furball as Rith took action on Mari... Until Sarika got shot.

It was a sniper on a roof up above. Most of the kitties besides myself and Rith took cover. Fra went to Sarika's side to try to stop the bleeding as did Dui, though not the bleeding part. Dui and Sarika are lovers, so it was hard on Dui. Sadly My first day in the walkers I had to patch Dui up in similar circumstances...

Anyways... Beatriz, Mari, and Reiyn went into action hunting the sniper with Rith going up alogn the other side of buildings to hunt him. I decided to stay and see if I could help Sarika, but Fra had it under control so I decided to guard the door instead. The sniper suicided, but he was a strange one....

Rith did have it out with Mari after that. I decided to head to Disco's funeral during it however... I stayed silent through most of it, but I just felt to guilty about her death to say anything. I also stood next to this tree which a 'thing' was up in... It smelled of burnt flesh and dripped, or rather oozed, blood and other fluids which caused me to spend alot of my none sulking time trying not to gag. It caused some fuss at the end of the funeral, but I was to tired and depressed to stay and watch.
(More to come as it was a week full of events)

Midian Files: The Return

Yes, two installments in one week! This is more actual goings on in Midian rather than back story.

Getting back to Midian was hard, but nothing like the challenge of actually reconnecting once I was back.

It didn't help to learn the bits of news I heard on my return... My favorite kitten Myca was dead, as was Sadira and Myca's mate Landen. Some form of triple homicide/suicide. It makes me a sad kitty as I miss them. The catwalkers seem torn over the whole thing to, most don't even show up to the den anymore, it feels like a ghost town.

Mari was also kicked out of the walkers for events I am not aware of, maybe it was the final straw after her shooting of an ex-kitten...? Oddly she hangs around the den which is what she killed the other kitten for after he left. I haven't really forgiven her for that yet, so maybe I'm just projecting though. Rith's ways are often mysterious, but then so are those of most leaders.

I've also learned my favorite bar the Twilight Zone was shot up and now sits almost always empty. Reconstruction apparently not high on the list of priorities. It seems my old friend Cat was the one that shot the place up in a fight with some then TZ security woman.

On that note I also discovered that my old friend Cat was now head of the Mercs with my friend Craven as her second. Though Cat is out of town right now. I hope she's not in as much danger as I was... Things had become estranged between me and her before I left, but she's still a friend. Craven on the other hand... Seems he managed to find himself a mate! She's a pretty thing named Honey. Which is odd to me as I remember a certain kitten with that name, they are nothing alike though.

I even found Edna my favorite bartender, back in the days of Disco and Rej, now she runs a tattoo parlor. I also hear she got married! Everyone seems to be hooking up. Why can't I even get a date in Midian outside of Marie before she went crazy and got killed...? Anyways we had a nice long talk, it was nice that warm homey feeling...

However this is Midian something bad must always happen... In this case it's that Disco was later found dead after having committed suicide. After fighting so hard to live, I can't understand someone giving up. Sadly I had seen her walk by Edna's shop before it happened and I thought to go say 'hi', but I decided to wait til later... Only there is no later now. It leaves you to wonder 'What if?', maybe I could have stopped her from going through with it... Then again maybe not. And we will never know.

My friend Markko is the one that found her and it seems they had become very close friends before this. I'll try to cheer him up a bit... He's had his own troubles lately.... I hear he was kicked out of his faction for um... 'indiscretion' in certain 'activities'.

It's been one week now since I've been back and I've missed so much. But I should be asleep, I'll write more later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meme Game Round 2

Well it seems Chloe has chosen me to play this latest round of the meme game, so let's see here...

The Rules:

(1) Each player starts with answering the questions about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (answering same questions) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose five people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

The Questions and answers:

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper?
I shop all the time... So I get bits here and there whenever I found something that fits a person... Except in Sl where I already made my hand crafted gifties for people and started passing them out... ^_-

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or past)?
I can't count anime as cartoons (because it feels kind of insulting to compare them to US cartoons), so instead I'll pick a Hybred: Robotech. Yes I admit I'm a fan of giant robot/fighter planes battling aliens... It's also the only 'cartoon' I can remember where a major character dies on screen by bleeding to death after arriving at his girlfriends apartment to see her one last time.... *wipes tear* I still love that scene...

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects?

I'm a 5. I can use a hammer, screw drivers, and even basic power tools like saws and such... I can also read directions... Just don't expect me to make to many straight lines... ^_-

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

It may sound bad, but I don't really have any... My parents were always big on putting up a tree and the whole decorating thing, but I never enjoyed it and that was there tradition... When I was little though I did have a tradition of waking up at 4 am in the morning to find the presents on Christmas day.... The next four hours would then be attempts to wake them up as I was not allowed to open presents without them...

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it?

I have to agree with Hawksrocks on this one (as seen here). Passionate, lustful, and loving kisses all the way!

I'm going to tag only one person at the moment: London Spengler. I know she's not on much right now, but she deserves to play to... So when your back dear, take a moment to post! ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fashion Post: Sand Dollar

Well I know it's been like forever and a day since the last time I actually blogged about fashion... And god knows I'm not always looking for cute... But I found this adorable pair of undies from Sand Dollar by reading my friend London's blog. So it was time to drive everyone nuts by posting three new posts in a day and adding fashion to the plate... If you haven't read my other posts today read from the bottom of the page to the top!

Sand Dollar Fruits Basket Lingerie Set:

I bought this in cherry and you probably can't see much of the pattern in this picture, but it's literally covered in cherry patterns in places. Each one having been apparently hand drawn. I love cherries (among other favorite red fruits) and so they look delicious to me...

Better than that they are covered in little prim ribbons! Those would be the bits of red on the front of the panties in the picture, but there are more ribbons in other places you can't see in this pic.

It also includes the stockings I'm wearing besides the bra and panties making it complete. As you can see from the picture I had to grab my Christmas Holiday Rufus from Deviant Kitties and snuggle into my new bed after putting it on!

Now before I decide I must curl up in my bed and not do anything else today, I'll end this post suggesting that if you want to buy some adorable lingerie you should go find the Sand Dollar shop at Pandora's Place!

Midian FIles: The Missing Tail

What follows is a dark post on what happened to Shadey while I was away from both Midian and from SL due to work. I can add pics if demanded, but I'm betting most while be thankful near the end I didn't.

It was a dark day when I decided to set out on this crazy plan... I'd been hunting for some trace of my sibs and failing and having run out of other options I decided on a radical course of action: Let the hunters catch me. It made sense, if these self same hunters had hunted them or worked with those that did I could have hopes of finding them. That was the dream and that was the plan... The results however were different...

They knocked me out, tied me up, beat me whenever I complained and sometimes just for waking up. That however would prove the least of my hardships...

I was loaded onto a plane and sent somewhere I didn't recognize. The destination though I later learned was a secret military base and research facility deep in the wilds of Africa or at least what was once called Africa. Here was to be my home for my captivity. A stay that was expected by them to be short and by me to be short, but for very different reasons.

The shining light of the whole thing was being reunited with all my sibs in one place. Well those that hadn't died yet from what the scientists were doing to us. But it was a bitter moment as some were no longer even lucid enough to recognize me...

These scientists were much like those that decided to re-engineer us to be better warriors, but while those had purpose these only held madness. They sought the limits of flesh and genes. Not with a specific goal, but just to watch how far a person could be twisted and yet live. Each was made into ghastly horrors best left unnamed, succumbing to the madness of being altered while alive and conscious... Then they tested... 'This one is now resistant to disease, let us invoke as many plagues into it as we can to see how durable it is.' And then the rest of us would be forced to watch as they sprayed, injected, inseminated, and otherwise victimized our much abused sib until their was nothing left to keep her body working as they had found the limit. What grizzly cold blooded things humans can be!

After being forced to watch my sibs put through this routine far more times than I want to remember... It was my turn. Oh the pain! I can't begin to describe it... Your blood boils, your muscles spasm, your skin burns, your flesh crawls, and your bones ache. All my pain tolerance and martial arts meditative skills amounted to nothing in the face of it. In the end all that saved me was my will to live, to live and overcome!

I don't know when I came to, but the scientists seemed so pleased by the results... Oh all of my sibs only I stayed in the same physical form after their experiments. My body had not broken or bent, but been tempered... It however was not the same is it had been. I noticed this quickly as the fire inside that had thirsted for blood and needed to be chained was missing... Their was still a fire, but it filled me and warmed me rather than driving me to rage and violence. I had yet to learn what this meant however. Neither did they.

When the scientists came for me again I tried to escape, not wanting to be tested and was cut by one of the soldiers kept on hand to 'tame' us. But unlike normal I didn't bleed. A few flicks of blood came loose, but the wound sealed itself as it was made and nothing further came of it. The scientist were ecstatic wanting to see how I did it. They got their wish as the guards subdued me with difficulty.

Each time I was wounded I didn't bleed out like any other creature and the wounds would heal quickly. I learned new levels of pain as they started small and scaled up their tests trying new ways and inflicting more damage to me. Cuts healed in seconds, burns healed almost as quick, acid was nullified and then the wounds would repair themselves. They moved on. Fingers were hacked off and regrew in minutes. The missing digit would decompose while they watched. Toes were burnt off and were rebuilt.

Their time of reckoning however was at hand. They had decided to shop off an arm and see what would happen. They however had to have me shackled and chained to keep from tearing them apart and to keep me on their blood covered table. They hacked off my arm, but they spent to much time watching my previous limb decompose as the new one grew... A new arm unshackled and unchained.... The first one died quick, as did the second, the third lived awhile as he tried to run... Breaking free of my bounds was nothing, after all my body regrew itself and the pain it took to free myself was as nothing compared to being remade. Within an hour I was free.

I checked on my sibs to find they had all perished while I was there plaything. May whatever lives on after have piece denied us in life. I had a mission though. My emotions would not be quenched and my mind could not be at ease while this place existed. things would be paid for and it would be in blood.

By the time it was done I had learned the limits to my new regeneration. I was shot... and shot alot.... swiss cheese would have had less holes. I was shot in the head a few times, but that didn't kill me... I blacked out for an hour or two though... I was burnt. I was cooked with a variety of energy weapons. I was even hit with a anti-material rifle like I favor in combat. Normally that would kill anything alive, but it only knocked me out again.

But they died and I lived. To finish the deed I rounded up all the explosives in the base. It was a pretty fire as the plum of scorched bits blasted into the sky. Ashes to ashes and all that.

I turned now though to the future. I had lost my family, but I had one thing left to me. I had people who cared about me and I should have relied in more. Should have told of my crazy plan in the first place. I had friends who may not be able to replace what I'd lost, but would help me forge on. I had friends... In Midian.

New House in SL

Well I got talked into renting a condo apartment in SL, which I wasn't really unwilling to buy in the first place... If you remember way back when I had a house in the clouds on some group land some time back, but have otherwise been a homeless kitten... Now I have a house again... It's not much to look at from the outside, but it looks very nice inside after 2 days of decorating intensive care!

The best part however is the view...
Now that is something I'd love to see every day in RL!

Being on the beach also means having other fun to like:

Or This...

A kitten needs to play some to! All work and no play makes a very bored kitty...

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Look

As you may be able to guess... I love changing my look, at least in SL, and I always see it as a work in progress... Well I decided I needed an update, so I went shopping... And what you see below is the result:

Some things that will never change in SL (Or at least I doubt they will): I will always be a red haired neko... I do occasionally get the urge to go purple and match a certain friend of mine in SL who is fairly famous, but I'm more a red person...

So... I tweaked my shape.... In fact it's hard to tell, but Shadey now has some fat... I updated my curves as it were, though as another things I don't plan to change I didn't touch my bust... I tweaked my legs so I'm a tad shorter (I used to tower over half of all my neko friends, no idea now). I also changed my nose... My nose always looked to big for my face up close in SL...

I went and bought a Tete a Pied skin (feline in buff type 3 makeup)... And I bought some snazzy business casual clothes from DE Designs... They are about the only thing I own that don't look odd to wear in the middle of winter... It really shows off my lavender kitty eyes.

Which is important when Midian is a winter wonderland... buried in ice and snow... Only thing it's missing is an iceberg in the harbor...

Well sleepy time now... More later...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

8 Things...

Well I'm guessing most of you know abotu the whole 8 things meme floating around the SL blogsphere... Well Timothy pseudo-tagged me, so I guess I should give my 8 things... Though since I can't think of anyone who hasn't been tagged yet I won't pass it on unless I find some victims... ;)

1. One of my hobbies is Photography... Though I've always been a digital person, so my camera of choice right now is my Fujifilm S5700 in RL. Which is probably related to why I like pics in SL...

2. I run an Anime/Manga/J-Pop club in RL and that's where I am for about 4 hours every Saturday unless I feel to sick or lazy to go...

3. I'm allergic to certain foods... Including Onions, Peppers, and Mushrooms... Now you try finding foods without those from say... Everyone likes to hide their inclusion because people don't think someone may not be able to eat them... (On that note my family is full of strange food allergies, my mom can't eat grains and my dad can't eat nuts).

4. I'm an only child. Which for where I live is odd. It however didn't mean I was spoiled... In fact it usually meant my parents went out of their way to make me fight for whatever I got out of them. Mostly because we were not quite middle class, in fact their attempts to act like they were a middle class family ended with them file for bankruptcy during my first time through college...

5. I've been in college twice... & Owe $60,000 USD for the 'honor' of doing that...

6. I teach an 'enrichment' class at the school I work for called 'Computer Imaging' and I have to try manage up to 16 kids from 4th to 8th grades... Who would rather spend most of their time playing flash games where they dissect people or find creative suicide methods in office buildings... 0_o

7. I am not a red head in RL... Nor have I ever bothered to color my hair... In fact in RL I started with hair so blonde it was nearly white, but now it's just a kind of brown with natural blonde highlights... Unfortunately not where I want them and that fade to be unnoticeable by the end of a day...

8. I originally intended to be a writer and when I told my 7th grade teacher that she chose to make me hate english classes and 'traditional literature' for the rest of my life... I still however write Science Fiction, I just refuse to follow any of the 'styles' your taught to write in and do what I want...

& that's 8... ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cleaning up the dust and cobwebs

Hey everyone!

I've actually stopped into SL a few times lately for the first time in awhile, but I haven't posted on here... Things feel so different when I've gone back to my usual haunts. It makes me kinda sad...

I have missed my SL friends though... Often quite alot during the ups and downs of RL. In the time since I got back together with the woman I love only to have her dump me in just over a week of being back together for a stupid guy... >_> Now they have broken up... I still haven't meet anyone else... I guess the world just doesn't appreciate introverts...

Work is still driving me nuts, but at the moment I have an intern so it somewhat lightens my load... At least until the end of the day, then I'm still the one getting called at home at all sorts of crazy hours... Oh and to make things more fun this week has started the annual snowfall here along the great lakes... Making my drive to and from work take longer.... Yeah... <_<

Back to SL... Of course the first thing I did was buy more clothes.... Lots of clothes... Like everything new from Dark Eden to start.. ^_^

I also built a new PC (Yeah for my geek girlness!)... Which laughs at SL and asks "Can't you make me work harder...?" as I've cranked up all the settings as high as they go and SL never freezes or slows like it used to... I do however still have to wait on SL's slow transfer rate and watch as the scenery and people pop into existence, but their is no helping that... My pictures should look better from now on to...

Well that's all for now I'll try to come up with some new posts over the christmas break at work if not before!