Monday, July 30, 2007

Updates & Where I come from (online)

Yes, I've been neglecting this spot... And I really shouldn't... I do have yet more tats and bikinis ready... for whenever I get around to taking some new pictures to use... ^_^ Those will be my next fashion posts... I also have some stuff from Glass Earth's various members and a trip to Dark Eden and SiniStyle added some more items... If it didn't take like 4 hours for one of my fashion reports I'd do more... ^_^

All that said London asked me to share my online history when I mentioned it on her blog the other day that I've been online for ages (in internet time). See I was a lonely girl who had just moved from a tiny little town (200-300 people) to a somewhat larger town (3000-5000 people). I was shy and didn't make friends easily and really I was super innocent compared to the troubled lives of some of my class mates. Somethings I've come to realize since I started working at a charter school in the 'inner city' of a large city (300k+ people) is that small towns in the middle of nowhere have the same issues as inner city areas. Poverty, unemployment, lack of motivation in learning, lack of access to facilities to help you learn, and I could go on but it's not the focus of this post...

Anyways the school had a Apple IIC lab that as a fifth grader I visited once a week... And I loved them... They didn't tease me, or make fun of me, and were always happy to do whatever I could tell them to do... Oh sure they had their limits, but I could enjoy myself in ways vaguely like interacting with people without the downsides I felt around them... This discovery went on to firmly plant me into a 'geek' role for the rest of my life, but my love of various scientific topics would probably have done that anyways...

Middle School however lacked a computer lab and in another twist of fate my parents one summer asked me a question: "We want to buy something for all of us to use, so here are the options which would you prefer: a pool or a computer?" A computer, duh! I may have loved to swim, but swimming by yourself isn't much fun... and I was content with PC's as fun... This also set up my love of PC games...

The internet though as we know it didn't exist yet. There were a few different types of services though... AOL was still in it's infancy and not the ASL paradise it is now, Compuserve was around... Though neither was a an 'ISP' as those didn't exist yet, other nitch providers like Genie existed. It was also the era of BBS's, but their were no local BBS's for me and I managed to get in some serious trouble after discovering them with a huge $500 phone bill for my parents... Luckily the phone company decided it was an error... I also remember also figuring out ways around AOL's adult materials filter... I was a horny little 14 year old cause I most assuredly was not even kissing anyone yet and had not a clue about sexuality... But I knew I liked the idea of seeing people naked... Maybe I could even find one of people having sex! (shock!). Well I didn't find any sex pictures (so some of those questions wouldn't be answered for years), but I did find a picture of this beautiful naked asian woman... Which I think is what started my fetish for asian women... ^_^ I also got addicted to erotic stories in that time.. giving me all sorts of creative ideas if I'd had anyone to share them with! ^_-

By the second half of high school though the internet had been born! It's birth had been painful though as dial-up internet sucks (I can't believe people can stand to use it still, I so feel sorry for you Chloe!). But we had the beginning of the internet filled with as much junk as today... Just with less porn... We could even still use bitmap images on the web in html 1.0, as jpeg hadn't been fleshed out yet and gif was the only compressed image format available as an alternative to it.

After high school and on to college I finally got my first real ISP and I discovered chat rooms via IRC... I also discovered what I'd found gaming back on genie... Women and girls were a minority... suggesting you were a woman made the men scurry for cover or hit on you... The attention sometimes was way to bad... 20 or 30 guys to each woman... Ugh... So I hid... I played at being a guy online... I think alot of women did when they found out the same thing I had... I then found BBS's and more importantly MUD's, MUX's, MUCKS and all the other MU*'s, virtual worlds where you could create objects, interact with other people, make things... But it was all in text... I'd had an exposure to virtual sex with IRC and after wading into various MU*'s I discovered adult ones... Ones for people to live out virtual fantasies... The first I visited made me understand BDSM and most of it's concepts and flavors... As it was a master/slave world... you had to pick a role between the two and they required you to be 'trained' before being 'sold' to an owner... I moved on to another MU* that was more a general free for all of sexual ideas soon after....

I then spent the next 5 years playing off and on in those worlds between other things... In the end though I got tired of the drama and feeling like an outsider as I didn't 'live the life' in the Real World... I did however meet the first person I ever kissed or had sex with RL online during this time... Though that was one day... And she was a crazy nymphomaniac... I won't delve into that unless someone asks, but all she wanted was a one time thing and that ended up hurting me... As it was my first time...

I however took a vacation from virtual sex... I didn't enjoy it nearly as much one a forum or some such and even IM was hard... I did however have a best friend who I only knew online from the MU*'s that I'd still play with occasionally until I lost her contact info... It's been nearly 4 years now since I last talked to her... I've been in and out of virtual worlds before this point... All sorts of beta testing of online games... But those really were just games... I even saw the beginning of Second Life... But I tried it for a day back in it's early days and the need to create everything you wanted held me back from joining in... I didn't want to have to create clothes so I'm not ugly, or build all the objects in the world I wanted to interact with... Not then at least... Not until a few months ago when I was between things to do online and saw another mention of Second Life... And decided to give it another look in the five years it's been since the first look I'd given it... Second Life has that adult presence that bored me with MMO's... Well that and being stuck in 'set' articles of clothing as you leveled... I always felt I looked like everyone else and hated it... Not so in SL as I pour way to much money into looking different all the time...! ^_-

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love & Sex (In & Out) of SL

I've been meaning to write a post for days... In fact I have one half done that has been sitting in my drafts folder for at least a week now. I've just been trying not to think about certain things, so I've been obsessing over things I can do that don't have to involve thinking about what I'm trying to avoid thinking of. But I'm throwing that out the window to make a post, because I have been thinking about it.

Well Since London, Katrina, & Sophosyne spend so much time talking about it and it's been on my mind lately for RL reasons... I decided to post my own take on Love & Sex (in and out of SL).

I'm different from those three in that I have trouble loving people... People fall into three categories with me: general public, friends, loves.

General Public are the teeming masses (some of which probably read this blog! ^_^ ) which are anyone I don't really know or only know a bit. I'm not likely to IM you in world and under the big blue sky I will probably only deal with you if you live nearby or work somewhere that I visit regularly... And unfortunately I will probably forever forget your name... I'm horrible with names...

Friends are people I care about. Alot of which I may not even see anymore for one reason or another, but they are still important to me. Unfortunately the ones I haven't seen in years I remember, but can't remember their names all the time ;.; I told you I have a bad memory for names... Those I do see regularly don't have to worry... If I remember your name, then your a friend... I'll play (sexually at times) with friends and try to be there for them, but I would say I'm not really in love with them... There are limits to how close I'll get or even want to get... This can at times annoy those who are polyamorous around me... But it's just the way I am... Plenty of people in SL fall into this category and if I play with you sexually in SL and your not paying me for it... Your probably in this list... ;)

Loves.... Well their have only ever been two loves in my nigh thirty RL years... Both I hold dear to me and both have frustrated me to know end.... The first I couldn't take being around anymore, because she did not feel the same way about me and seeing her with others made me happy and tore me up all at the same time... So I had to walk away... I miss her alot though and I wish she'd kept in touch even if just by email... The other love of my life is the one currently driving me crazy... I waited almost six years for a chance to be with her....

Those I have loved are true loves... absolute loves... I'd die for them without thinking about it. I have and probably will give them every cent I have if they need it, no matter if I do to. And the love is unconditional. But I'm selfish... Those I love I want to love me, and only me... At least in the romantic & lustful way.

When I think about it, I see that I try to feel loved by being with my friends... But it's always a sort of filler for my desire to be loved by those few people I have loved... I'm not sure if that's good or bad... If that means I use others who I don't really love by possibly leading them on and suggesting they mean more to me then they do... But it is what it is and I don't think I could just stop doing that. Much like most people I don't want to be lonely... And I don't want to start humping trees because my sex drive is all crazy at times... I'd really hate to see what happens if I can't at least get a little online every week or so...

Which leads me into this: For me sex is something I do to feel loved... Usually at least as I have acted as an escort in SL (though few people are hiring me, visit Virgins & Vixens and give me some work!), which is very much not usually about feeling loved... It's more desiring pretty things and compensation for my time... But even then... I think I'd turn down some people, in fact I basically have before... I don't want 'sexual partners' that just sit there and go 'oohhh...', If ya can't turn me on then I'm not gonna get you off... My friends I don't worry so much about... Most are capable of at least keeping up... In fact my friends that get a chance to be with me sexually are the ones who I feel can keep up in a sexual experience... The same is true in RL as in SL... I don't take a friend as a brief sexual experience if I think they are boring... Of course if you have me as an RL friend, then I thought you were worth being around anyways... I however don't tend to sleep with my friends RL to often, in fact the only times I have is when I've 'dated' friends... Which is usually for no more than a month... Then I get bored and usually the other person gets hurt... I don't mean it to happen... I do care for them, but without that deep love I get bored of the feelings I get from someone I don't love to... That sounds so wrong, but it's the case... Online I can go months or years... One woman I meet online (back in my MUX days pre-3D graphics) and I considered her my best friend for years. We would often have virtual sex... Even via IM back when I used ICQ (which was one of the first IM clients before everyone wanted to create one). Online I seem to be able to be friends and have virtual sex with them and not cause issues... Unless the other person gets to greedy... Which is a whole different topic...

But I think this explains my take on love and sex and I feel like I've been talking for hours (probably because I've spent nearly two hours typing this. So I love it at this for now.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poetry, Lonely Hearts: Between

& Now for the one I wrote today, which to me sums up how I've felt since Sunday when she told me again we needed time apart... She's been hinting at that for months, but silly me I've been trying to support her through the hard times... But she just wants to distance herself from everyone, saying she needs 'space' and wants 'freedom'... To bad for me, my feelings just can't be turned off like a switch... Yesterday she told me during my lunch at work that if I couldn't be happy she didn't want to see me... And she didn't seem to understand she is the only thing that's ever really made me happy... Making a fairly self defeating situation... Anyways...



You are the flame that has kept the darkness in my soul away
Before you all I knew was loneliness, pain, bitterness, and anger

The loneliness consumed me drawing me into despair
The Pain made it hurt to touch anyone
The Bitterness kept me from succeeding
The Anger made me want to hurt everyone

You are the heat that warmed the cold places of my heart
You are the light that pushed back the darkness in my soul

I was with you and I was lonely no more
I was with you and that made the pain fade
I was with you and the bitterness no longer held me back
I was with you and the anger let me leash it

But now you want to be alone, Independent you say
Your my flame and it is going out

My loneliness returns, making me want you all the more
My Pain blooms, making it hurt not to touch you
My Bitterness awakens, and I no longer find a reason to be more
My Anger consumes, and I want to hurt everyone except you

But all I seem to do is hurt you now
And that is the last thing I want

I'm in between and feel so lost...
Where has my light gone again...?

Poetry, Lonely Hearts, Prefect for Me

Perfect For Me

I think you are perfect for me
After all the time I’ve spent with you
Longing kicks in and I start to see
The edge of the bed
Where you should be
I told myself I won't miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you
I really miss your hair in my face
And the way your innocence tastes
And I think you should know this
You are perfect for me

While looking through your old box of notes
I found those pictures I took
That you were looking for
If there's one memory I don't want to lose
That time at the mall
You and me in the picture booth
I told myself I won't miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you
I really miss your hair in my face
And the way your innocence tastes
And I think you should know this
You are perfect for me

The bed I'm lying in is getting colder
Wish I could hold you
And I can't pretend... I won't think about you when I'm older
Cause we should never really have to
This isn’t the end
I really miss your hair in my face
And the way your innocence tastes
And I think you should know this
You are perfect for me
I really miss your hair in my face
And the way your innocence tastes
And I think you should know this
You are perfect for me
(And I think you should know this)

This may sounds familiar and you'd be right... My girl told me she thought the Hinder song 'You can do much better than me' was so apt, as she always has considered herself somehow less than me... Well It spurred me to rewrite the lyrics to something I felt was more fitting...

Poetry, Lonely Hearts, Always


If I said the wrong thing would you leave me?
Though my fingers may break,
I just can't let you go.

I will always love you,
I love you and I need you.
Till my heart stops beating,
I'll never lose this feeling

Though I'm not your best friend,
I'd do anything to keep you with me.
So close your eyes and hold on tight, spin around its alright.
Don't you see my plans will always have you in them?

I will always love you,
I love you and I need you.
Till my heart stops beating,
I'll never lose this feeling

Poetry, Lonely Hearts: My Love

My Love

My Love is Eternal
It has lasted for six years already
Without dimming or fading

My Love is Caring
I think of you first
And how I can make you happy

My Love is Romantic
My love inspires me to do things for you
To brighten your day and make you smile

My Love is Sexual
My love is also part of my desire for you
I need your touch and your kiss

My Love is Strong
My love gathers strength from you
And lets me do amazing things

My Love is for you and only you

Poetry, Lonely Hearts: My Angel

Well I'm about to make a crazy number of posts as I decided to post my poetry to my blog... Well I wanted to do the last poem I made up here and they are really a set, so I need to start from the beginning...

My Angel

I gazed upon a sight
That took my breath away
An angel come to earth

When I look into your eyes
I believe there is a heaven
To match this hell

When every mans hand was raised against me
When every mans back was turned to me
You stretched out your hand to me

In that instant you became
The world to me
And for the first time I felt free

Free to love
Free to laugh
Free to be me

But I’m just a mortal
Human to the core
Faulty as any can be

Can it really be, that an angel wants to be with me?

Monday, July 16, 2007

RL sucks...

Well my RL has gone into the toilet again... so I haven't felt like posting up the things I have ready... Give me some more time... I do plan to do at least a couple more posts this week...Tattoos are up next, and maybe I can do some bathing suits to...

Also I'm contemplating doing something similar to Tober's Oh Hush! blog and doing a running account of my adventures in Midian on a week by week basis. Now if I do it I'm going to make them just a rundown of any major events that happen around me or to me and it would be roughly 1 week behind... What do you all think...?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No update for you...

I had one more pic from the last set of pics I took which I was going to post up today... But I decided instead to wait a bit and post up some pics on tattoos... That's what the pic was of, but just having one tat review up seemed such a waste... Much like why I haven't done my swimsuit review yet... But I do have a number of tats, so I'll try to get some pics tonight and then I can have a host of pics for everyone to see tomorrow all with reviews!

See you then... ^_^

Well I did take the pics, but then I realized I'd left my thumb drive at work last night and couldn't take them in... So you'll have to wait til Saturday morning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shopping Spree Part 2

Well as promised here is part 2 of my shopping spree, lets see if I can finish this before I leave work today... ^_^

First is another design from Pixel Dolls. This one is called 'Bonney'. I just felt like adding the hat as the last design had given me a southern feel that just so required it. This as you can see consists of two parts: a corset and a skirt. The corset has some nice detailing and is a lacy design that fits nicely with almost anything. Not quite as good as the rose corset I got from PD, but that may just be my obsession with roses. The skirt is both a prim skirt and a cover up layer and is a nice frilly design as well. Both pieces look a lot like real lace which is wonderful for someone who likes lace.

Since I seem to have lost the picture of the third PD outfit, instead next up is 'Goth' by RPD. This outfit consists of a bunch of pieces. Blouse, Frilly shirt sleeves, Skirt, and socks. I love the 'laced' top look this blouse has and the red and black pieces look like they were designed into each other like a real blouse. The sleeves however are winners even if my hands do tend to go through them way to often. The skirt however is my least favorite part. It's just a normal skirt layer, which I usually like but as with most skirt layers it 'breaks' in the middle during certain positions. The knee high socks finish this off with cute red and black stripes. Even if I don't like the skirt much I do love this outfit...

This is from DE Designs and is called 'Vixen'. It's inspired by the outfit worn by Rayne in the game series called 'BloodRayne' about a half vampire girl who kills other vampires... It so happens I loved the two games of the series and I love the character Rayne, so when I saw this it became a 'must buy'. And boy what an outfit... To start with it includes: Gloves, Laced corset shirt, bra, jacket, 'skirt' to complete the jacket, panties, pants, and socks... No prim work, but OMG detailing texture work... The whole thing is just great... I'm just not sure what else to say, so maybe I'm a tad to much of a fan girl for this outfit... ^_^

Btw this pic also shows my new neko punk armband I picked up, However I don't remember the name of the shop... So if you know, let me know so I can credit them... While I know I could create the same thing, I love the neko-ness of it, so I wear it alot.

After that we also have another outfit from DE Designs called 'Wishmaster'. It is highly detailed just like Vixen and includes even more pieces to play with as it includes an alternate jacket and alternate pants (the second set being short shorts). Again this is a design I love... The straps/buckles on the jacket I used for this picture alone are enough to make me like it.. The boots (pants layer) though are a nice touch and go fairly well with my rose biker boots from shiny things once I remove the upper part of the boot. The detail again is amazing here and about the equal of the amazing detail in the design I bought from Infinity. Though in the end this was far cheaper than he infinity design, because this outfit came with much more.

The last design for today is actually a freebie from 22nd Century Yedo. Which isn't a store so much, but a club. However I love the silky transparencies of this designs skirt. It's actually two layers of transparent skirt material with a clothing layer skirt underneath. The top manages to fit into this chaos. If only I could get it in shades of red this would be stunning! The green just isn't my color. The ribbons in my hair come with it to, to make an even more flowing mess of loveliness. So even though it's a freebie it gets an honorable mention from me.

And your bonus pic today is another from the wishmaster outfit, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shopping Spree

Like any other woman when I feel down I go shopping... And I've needed to update this with some new outfits anyways, so here are my finds for this outing:

One complete set from Gritty Kitty was my most recent purchase. The set seems to be called 'Harajuku Luv' for the modern Japanese style it resembles. It includes a smock, undies, that amazingly detailed skirt, and the leg warmers I'm wearing in the picture. It also has some additions you can purchase such as leggings and paired barrette + bangle combos. I love the detailing in this outfit and with so many layers to mix and match, I'm having way to much fun in the couple of hours I've played with it so far. However the skirt, as always, can be a pain to fit. It's very much a love/hate relationship with the skirt, as I love the design and the detail, but even I have problems fitting the darn thing making a 'pants' cover up layer needed, could we at least start making them a skirt layer...? The leg warmers are all sorts of cool as well with several versions to choose from in the same pack. The last thing I'm going to spent time on is the undies... These come in a single pack with (I believe) six styles and 4 pieces (pant or bottoms and bra or shirt) each for 24 items alone! Really great work, please Gritty Kitty make more womens clothes!

Next up is a close-up on some new items I grabbed from Curious Kitties. First up is that tiny speck on the left side of my nose, unfortunately these days SL doesn't seem to want to zoom all that close so I couldn't show it any better... But I am wearing a cute little blue nose stud gem. It was cheap and cute, so don't blame me, blame the cute! Then their is that lip ring I'm sporting. It's a tiny silver cat paw design which is just darling... And finally the cutest of the cute is that 'nekolace' as Curious Kitties styles it. It has a black kitten with a flexi tail on a red string with tiny little bells on it! It's just so cute I couldn't resist... Of course it looks far far better in person, so you'll have to go to the store yourself to buy it or find me in person.

Don't think I've covered this outfit before, it's Little Miss Gaisa. It's a geisha inspired design from Lil Nekos (which is related to LVS). This is heavy on the prim extras with bows (2 arm bows & 1 back bow), a pair of hair sticks, and ruffles for the socks. It's also got that wonderful frilly skirt. All in a red and black design with some fairly good detailing you can see in the right light. This shot however was a sunset pick from my SL house, but I think it looks good for the blog to even if it seems a bit small. I love this for when I want to be all goth loli or just wear something fairly old fashioned and cute.

The last design for right now is Matalin from Pixel Dolls, this came out a bit ago... But I ran out of cash and wanted to do all three outfits at the same time. Well I got tired of waiting so here is the first of the designs. This is also the first time I ever wore a hat in SL. It looks a bit off in this picture, but It makes me feel like some sort of cowgirl in SL. Which makes a bit of sense since Nephilaine was watching to much Firefly at the time... ;)

Anyways, This design uses a one sided half skirt with what looks almost like a one piece below it as the bottoms match into the shirt. The shirt itself is a wonderful texture and an interesting design. The sleeves are sculptie ruffles with lace. The hat is also from Pixel Dolls and is one of her sculptie designs, it's just called 'curved brim hat' in my inventory. I've worn this design several times though and I love it.

Amazingly it took me from 7 am at work til 4 pm to write just this much because they've been keeping me jumping... So more for you tomorrow, but first a bonus pic of me in my lovely new Harajuku outfit (this time with the bra top), enjoy! ^_^

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Well titles aren't working today, so this gets to be title-less... But I felt like commenting on SL & RL...

SL has been something of a crazy thing lately for me... I left working at Castle Hornet, for reasons I don't really want to go into. I like everyone there I really do, but I needed a break from certain things there. So I took a job at the Perfumed Garden. Which also has a great bunch of gals working at it. Things however did not go as planned, after a week I'd made a whole $300L (in roughly 15 hours of working there), that's $20L an hour... I can almost beat that with crappy camping chairs... So I needed a change.... again... Clothes are expensive in SL as in RL, maybe not as expensive... but when you consider that you don't 'own' anything when you buy clothes in SL... It becomes a very expensive thing... So I've started working at a new club called 'Virgins and Vixens' while spending my stressed out nights in Midian trying to get involved there on my 2 hours or so a night I can spend in SL on a non-weekend. Feel free to stop by my new place of work and hang out for awhile! (Just please remember to tip!)

RL has been even more stressful... I've mentioned her once before, but my girl (and the love of my life) has been going through a ton of stress this week. For starters I should mention she has 2 kids from two previous relationships... The father of her son (the older of her two kids) is suing for increased custody, or more accurately he's being pushed by his wife and his parents to sue for increased custody... Then the father of her second child has decided after pushing her away for years that he has been getting to little attention from her as if they were together... Tip to stupid guy #2, She doesn't want your sorry ass! But she's to nice to say that and she outright forbid me to say it... Cause she knows I would, with my foot up his ass... Added to this is another ex of hers who has shown up begging favors of her and both suggesting he wants her again and that he doesn't depending on day and time. This one is a bigger problem as she still has feelings for him. So he'll make a play on her emotions when he sees her (which is fairly often as his brother just so happens to be my girl's neighbor <_<>_> ), and begs cash for smokes, tattooes, or just plain food from her... Then turn around and sleep with another of my girl's neighbors (who caused a scene the other day sayin' how she was gonna have this guys baby)...

Maybe it's just my strong lesbian tendancies, but... WTF is wrong with some women..? This guys a big giant capitol L loser... He's been to jail for possession of illegal substances, he isn't all that great lookin', and he acts like he's still 10 years old... No wait that was a disservice to 10 year olds... Why in hell would you want to be with him...?

Sigh... But getting back to the point... All this has driven her up a wall and into deciding that she can't take all this stress and so many people that all want her attention and time... And instead of telling them to take a hike, she tells me that she wants to 'take a break from us'... So sadly I'm not the happiest kitten around right now... But I have things to do today, I'll post more later...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Finally an update!

To start off with today I'll do some items from HAD (Hollow Angel Designs):

This first one is a 'silk' design called 'Aire Elements', which is part of a set of element designs they offer. This one is very nice with all sorts of lacy/frilly/bejeweled accents. Really otherwise my pictures speaks for itself. It does have some nice armbands with flexi-strands and you can buy a hair strand to go in it as well, with a matching textured hair band to keep it in place... The downside to that is it expects long hair... Which you'll notice I hardly ever wear... ^_^

Next is 'Elements Silk Fire', which is more of a tattoo of sorts than a set of silks or an outfit... and which comes with a very ugly skirt... Sorry, but that thing is rather ugly and you'll probably never see me wear it... It's also very non-flexi as it's a skirt layer... The fire textures are sweet though... If only it seemed more like 'clothes' than 'tattoos' I'd wear it allot more... It has a second top texture, so you can even very out the pattern to suit your taste... The one is a tad less PG on my skin as it has transparent areas right were my nips are...!

Up next is the 'Brocade Goth Gown'... Of which I have no idea why it's called a 'gown'... It's more a long coat over lingerie... Which isn't a bad thing at all, but... ^_^ Anyways... The long coat is a jacket and skirt layer pair, and has absolutely ugly texturing... The edges are all ratty and blocky and the texture itself is just not appealing... Makes me think I'm a homeless guy or something... Not what I want in my look... >_> The lingerie part though is cute and sexy... It just needs something over top of it unless your in the bedroom and it's not that ugly jacket...
So far I haven't found a good match, but I'm still looking!

This also shows off the boots a little which also came from HAD, They are fairly nice boots with metal buckles along the sides. They are a tad over-sized for my shape and height, but so are most boot designs in SL...

Now this next design is called 'Egyptian Silk', and does in fact conjure images of egypt in my head... But more egypt at war or egypt metal-crafting, than 'silk'. The top is a nicely detailed metal texture with good accents, which I actually like allot, and they do sell it separately (or something awfully close) . This does haven flexi-prim flowing white fabric armbands which is a nice touch... I love armbands... And the belt ties into the 'silken' skirt nicely, with a nice cotton like fabric texture on the skirt... You'll note I never actually say anything in this outfit is silk (I did tease by calling the skirt 'silken' in quotes though), So why exactly is it called 'Egyptian Silk' again...?

And now we have another design... Which they bill as a full body tattoo... Called 'Black Lace'. The funny thing is that this is basically a take on the fire design above done in black instead of the 'fire' tones that more easily tease you into believing it's a light colored skin tattoo... This is harder to believe as a 'tattoo' than as a very very skimpy lace outfit... Which is how I treat it... I do however love it as a super skimpy and sexy set of lingerie... It works great as that...

Next up is 'Girl Punk', which is a lovely 'cute punk' design. I'm not a big fan of pink, but this outfit uses pink the right way... To make it soften a otherwise 'hard' outfit that is dark in color scheme. This design also sports several skull and crossbones designs... In fact they are all over this outfit... I'm not exactly sure why a fairly 'pirate'-like image is plastered all over it, but that's ok... I love the detail work and the overall quality is high. The prim skirt does have a slight flaw (which you can probably see in the pic), but even that works pretty well. In fact the skirt is one of my more favorite pairings for prim skirts... Rather than using a 'pants' layer to fix issues between it and the main section of the outfit, it uses a skirt layer... Why do I prefer this? Mostly because it doesn't off any under layers like most of the skirt fixes that use pants do... So if you wanted you could wear this one with a set of 'stockings' that go from your feet to up under the skirt where it should... And not look weird.

'Pretty in Punk' is the next outfit. This is a bikini... sort of... I'm really nto sure how this is meant to be worn exactly... Is it meant to go under other clothes...? Or is it actually meant for the beach...? I do have a summer bikini review in the works, but I haven't gotten to far on it yet... Since I couldn't decide though, This will go up here and maybe show up later as well... ^_^ I do love the texturing, the pink and black do go fairly well together and it's just the sort of thing I love to take off... Er... Tease with, yes that's it! ^_^

Moving along we have another favorite of mine, 'Tied and Bound'. This is all straps and ties of various sorts over grey fabrics of different types, the bikini top is a shiny 'leather' texture, the corset is maybe a type of denim material, and the denim pants finish off the pieces. The detail is great, with good accents... I know I so wouldn't want to try to make it... The belt is a prim, but I could not get it to go just where I wanted it... Which was annoying. I think belts are hard to do as prims because like this one most tend to end up getting lodged in various parts of your body as you move... I did manage one good shot were it wasn't stuck in me somewhere though... ^_^

Also another good shot of those boots I mentioned earlier... They look really good with this outfit...

'Untamed' is the last design for this update (because I need to take more pictures). It's got a bikini top that is a red variant of the top from the last outfit, but the corset is of a different style... It also has a amazingly low riding thong... It's a good thing this girl shaves... ^_^ And last are the 'pants', these are actually chaps for pants without anything under them (normal chaps go over jeans). Which is good for in a 'I want to reveal as much SL flesh as possible' way... ;)

Oh and yes I am wearing those same boots again... But this time I tucked them under the chaps rather than wearing the pants tucked into the boots...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Odds & Ends

Yes, I'm really really far behind now... But I have a good excuse! ... Ok, Well I have an excuse anyways...

I've wanted to try my hand at building things since I seem fairly adept at editing shapes and such... So I ended up trying to create something interesting this last weekend... And I think I succeeded... I created an entire line of jewelry! More than 20 pieces in a weekend, because I went on a bit of a binge... Ok 'a bit' is way understating it...

I also decided to take a look into the role-play community on SL and went exploring the basics of the Midian Sim... You know me, I'm all dark and neko-ish, so It seems like a prime fit... However things have settled down at work & I figure I can actually work on my blog again from work... So expect some more updates soon!