Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work interfering with life

Well for the last couple weeks work has ben interfering with me having a life, yet alone a second life... I spend all sorts of time at work and then I'm so tired when I get home at night I just want to eat dinner and go to bed...

So for the time being the blog is on hold (as you probably ahve already noticed). So is my existance in SL... I hope things work out at work and I can lighten my load soon... Cross your fingers for me!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Midian Files Episode 3

First a few notes... I have the pictures done finally for my swimsuit review... In fact they've been done for 3 days now... I just need to find time to do the review posts (probably 2 as their are dozens of swimsuits). Edit: Which didn't happen, but you can see them on my flickr page.

Now to Midian for part 3 people have been asking me for since I didn't get a chance to post this week:

Well this week hasn't been as interesting as last. Ok, maybe that's not quite correct. I did have one good night in the TZ... Which has become my usual haunt were I drink later as I still don't know what these drinks are...

Edit: And this is where it ended, I never finished this post, but since I started on Midian Files #4 I decided to at least post this much... Things are rather fuzzy for me as to what happened which week/month/etc that far back now (5 or 6 months ago), so I can't finish it now... Sorry!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Midian Files Episode 2

Week 2 has been a tad more interesting I found a place called the "Twilight Zone" look the old TV series, or 'TZ' for short. I've never been around alcohol as it was forbidden to us, but They don't seem to mind I just drink bottles of water. I did however meet this cute neko there, kind of raccoon looking facial markings which make her very unique looking. Seems she works as a dancer there, and sometimes bar tender, and her name is Rejeanne. It's to bad she seems to be involved with this cute human woman that handles security...

I also meet two other women: Catrin and Rin. Catrin is a very sexy human woman who seems awfully nice. Rin seems a bit quiet and her clothes are a bit weird, but she's cute and nice to. They introduced me to a friend of theirs this guy named Markko, who has a weird past were he was raised by nekos. I uh... I... Well I kind of got a bit kinky as they ended up going down in the subway station and started making out in a non-functional subway car... It _had_ been six months since this cute little kitten had done much of anything, so I joined in...

I also wandered the rooftops this week hoping to spot some of these nekos from the city, the 'catwalkers'. In the end I did find some as I ended up on the roof of one of the buildings in town and I sat high up on this ledge as I surveyed the city.... Until I was assaulted with rocks from below and lost my grip avoiding them... To land almost on top of this cute purple/pink haired neko girl.... Who was talking with this older male neko. They told me I was in their 'den' and that I had to leave. I tried apologizing, but they were rather annoyed, so I hopped down to the side and listened. Seemed the girl had been attacked recently, so she was not in such a good mood...

I ended up coming back to sit on the top of this warehouse across from the church. I had tried scaling the church to use as a hide out, but a very strange girl who looked like she hadn't bathed in weeks confronted me and told me I couldn't be there either... She didn't make much sense really, but I did understand that much. Anyways on top of the warehouse roof the cute neko girl from the 'den' dropped in and told me I couldn't be up there either... :(

She did however offer to show me a good place to stay... So I followed her and she lead me down by the beach. I also got her name which was Myca.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Midian Files Episode 1

Well here is the first installment of my Midian Diary of sorts... It will be told from the point of view of the character I play in Midian.

In Midian 'Shadow' or 'Shadey' is what everyone knows me as and there she's a neko who has a sort of tragic past involving the loss of her family who were part of a military project. She's been a soldier all her life (literally raised into it). And when the project was canceled the military tried to erase them all. She has no idea what happened to them, but she decided to head to Midian in hopes they would arrive there as well as a haven for those with things to hide...

Week 1:

Well I managed to get a ride into Midian and they dropped me off at the taxi hub. It wasn't easy getting here, especially and still have some cash on hand.... Good thing I have that spec ops bank account to draw on, I should be able to pull out money in small pieces from it for quite some time.

Midian is a strange place.... Enough spooky emo kids/adults with pale skin to start a town of there own... Plenty of humans walking around with guns... Which reminds em I need to replace my weapons... I hadn't having to leave them behind. Some incredibly freaky people and frankly I have no clue where to start my search for my sibs... It's been six months now, I wonder if they are even still alive...?

I found an interesting collection of people by this canal after I finished wondering over town and found a spot to secure my gear way up on a roof to one of the taller buildings. This group had not one, but four nekos in it and a human... The human was the most normal looking I'd seen in my time spent in Midian so far. While I may want to meet up with the nekos to see if they know anything about my missing family... Four at once is a bit much.... Luckily the nekos all left eventually and I went to talk to the normal looking man. He mentioned to me that their was two factions of nekos in the city: the Catwalkers and the Pack. He then suggested I set out wandering the wastelands til I found them... The wastelands is mostly dead remains of buildings... I should know since that's where I did go afterwards. Never found anything or any of these members of the 'Pack', but that's ok he still gave me useful info... Oh his name was... Jack... I think...?