Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello World Wide Web!

Ok both in real life and in my virtual life I'm a complete clothes-whore... I 'play' Second Life and I start doing things I wouldn't dream of in real life (well ok maybe dream of...), so I can buy that black leather halter top at the store... I'm still considered 'new' by some SL standards (currently my AV is just over 2 weeks old).

So I was reading all these blogs on fashion within Second Life and I realized that they would once in awhile touch on Gothic, silk, lingerie, Neko, Fantasy, and other fashions from SL, but for the most part they left them out.... 3 posts about silks from more than 200 blog posts! I could fill three chapters about them... So it struck me... Why not do my own blog about those fashions getting light coverage...?

So here it is!

I'll talk about just about every type of fashion in SL... From the wildest (demonic looks and the height of Gothic fade) to the tamest (the must have: tiny black dress and it's brother the sexy ass red dress). As well as skins, shapes, accessories, and jewelry... A girl can never have to much jewelry, damn it! I'll also give some lessons on cool mix & match designs, which is my specialty... As soon as I have some pictures up I'll start a guide to my current faves and work on up!

For now visit some of my favorite shops and if your an owner of one of my favorite shops I'll take review copies! I love your clothes... Heck I will gladly sell my virtual body out to buy them, so let me help you sell!

Anyways... Here are some of my favorites (from the top of my head!):
Wilted Rose
Sin skins

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