Monday, December 10, 2007

Midian FIles: The Missing Tail

What follows is a dark post on what happened to Shadey while I was away from both Midian and from SL due to work. I can add pics if demanded, but I'm betting most while be thankful near the end I didn't.

It was a dark day when I decided to set out on this crazy plan... I'd been hunting for some trace of my sibs and failing and having run out of other options I decided on a radical course of action: Let the hunters catch me. It made sense, if these self same hunters had hunted them or worked with those that did I could have hopes of finding them. That was the dream and that was the plan... The results however were different...

They knocked me out, tied me up, beat me whenever I complained and sometimes just for waking up. That however would prove the least of my hardships...

I was loaded onto a plane and sent somewhere I didn't recognize. The destination though I later learned was a secret military base and research facility deep in the wilds of Africa or at least what was once called Africa. Here was to be my home for my captivity. A stay that was expected by them to be short and by me to be short, but for very different reasons.

The shining light of the whole thing was being reunited with all my sibs in one place. Well those that hadn't died yet from what the scientists were doing to us. But it was a bitter moment as some were no longer even lucid enough to recognize me...

These scientists were much like those that decided to re-engineer us to be better warriors, but while those had purpose these only held madness. They sought the limits of flesh and genes. Not with a specific goal, but just to watch how far a person could be twisted and yet live. Each was made into ghastly horrors best left unnamed, succumbing to the madness of being altered while alive and conscious... Then they tested... 'This one is now resistant to disease, let us invoke as many plagues into it as we can to see how durable it is.' And then the rest of us would be forced to watch as they sprayed, injected, inseminated, and otherwise victimized our much abused sib until their was nothing left to keep her body working as they had found the limit. What grizzly cold blooded things humans can be!

After being forced to watch my sibs put through this routine far more times than I want to remember... It was my turn. Oh the pain! I can't begin to describe it... Your blood boils, your muscles spasm, your skin burns, your flesh crawls, and your bones ache. All my pain tolerance and martial arts meditative skills amounted to nothing in the face of it. In the end all that saved me was my will to live, to live and overcome!

I don't know when I came to, but the scientists seemed so pleased by the results... Oh all of my sibs only I stayed in the same physical form after their experiments. My body had not broken or bent, but been tempered... It however was not the same is it had been. I noticed this quickly as the fire inside that had thirsted for blood and needed to be chained was missing... Their was still a fire, but it filled me and warmed me rather than driving me to rage and violence. I had yet to learn what this meant however. Neither did they.

When the scientists came for me again I tried to escape, not wanting to be tested and was cut by one of the soldiers kept on hand to 'tame' us. But unlike normal I didn't bleed. A few flicks of blood came loose, but the wound sealed itself as it was made and nothing further came of it. The scientist were ecstatic wanting to see how I did it. They got their wish as the guards subdued me with difficulty.

Each time I was wounded I didn't bleed out like any other creature and the wounds would heal quickly. I learned new levels of pain as they started small and scaled up their tests trying new ways and inflicting more damage to me. Cuts healed in seconds, burns healed almost as quick, acid was nullified and then the wounds would repair themselves. They moved on. Fingers were hacked off and regrew in minutes. The missing digit would decompose while they watched. Toes were burnt off and were rebuilt.

Their time of reckoning however was at hand. They had decided to shop off an arm and see what would happen. They however had to have me shackled and chained to keep from tearing them apart and to keep me on their blood covered table. They hacked off my arm, but they spent to much time watching my previous limb decompose as the new one grew... A new arm unshackled and unchained.... The first one died quick, as did the second, the third lived awhile as he tried to run... Breaking free of my bounds was nothing, after all my body regrew itself and the pain it took to free myself was as nothing compared to being remade. Within an hour I was free.

I checked on my sibs to find they had all perished while I was there plaything. May whatever lives on after have piece denied us in life. I had a mission though. My emotions would not be quenched and my mind could not be at ease while this place existed. things would be paid for and it would be in blood.

By the time it was done I had learned the limits to my new regeneration. I was shot... and shot alot.... swiss cheese would have had less holes. I was shot in the head a few times, but that didn't kill me... I blacked out for an hour or two though... I was burnt. I was cooked with a variety of energy weapons. I was even hit with a anti-material rifle like I favor in combat. Normally that would kill anything alive, but it only knocked me out again.

But they died and I lived. To finish the deed I rounded up all the explosives in the base. It was a pretty fire as the plum of scorched bits blasted into the sky. Ashes to ashes and all that.

I turned now though to the future. I had lost my family, but I had one thing left to me. I had people who cared about me and I should have relied in more. Should have told of my crazy plan in the first place. I had friends who may not be able to replace what I'd lost, but would help me forge on. I had friends... In Midian.

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