Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midian Files: Return Week 2 Part 1

This last week started with me trying to comfort those I know hit by Disco's death. Namely Markko and Edna. I finally saw Edna's husband Cadyn to, I know Cadyn from when he was dating my friend Rena who I keep trying to find though she's never around when I visit her haunts. They were busy with something I didn't really understand though, so I let them be after trying to cheer them up some. I did find out however that Disco's funeral would be the next day.

The rest of the day was hanging out with new kittens. Specifically the new kitten, Brekka. I came across her when heading up to the den after my morning walk. She was talking with Thulana (I think, sorry If I'm wrong! my faulty memory) another new kitty. Soon we were joined by Fra, yet another new kitty since I'd left. And to make this an even bigger group that was when Dui arrived. We'd been trying to help her out while keeping her out of the den as the den is for walkers, all others are to be kept out without invitation from Rith or Chai. I'd even given Brekka a santa hat to keep her ears warm. Dui decided to invite us all to her sushi place. Everyone accepted, besides me. I wanted to find a few things before I forgot.

Once I was done I joined everyone at Dui's very busy sushi bar. We even had Beatriz and Reiyn drop in. Both are walkers, Beatriz the older and Reiyn the newer. In fact I'd never meet Reiyn before coming back. Dui invited Brekka to join the walkers as a kitten like me. She accepted. Things broke up a bit soon after. Dui cooked me some Okonomiyaki and Korokke, yum! We took the kitten back to the den to give her the kittens tour, well more Dui did and I tagged along. In the end she decided to go to sleep so I gave her a blanket to keep her warm. Soon after I headed to my own bed for the night.

The next day was interesting... To say the least. My day would end with Disco's funeral, but the chaos started when Mari was caught on the den roof again by Reiyn who made a big fuss over it. Most of us don't want to get involved in it, but he stuck to Rith's rule hard and fast. Then Rith herself arrived and the gathering of kitties was about to watch a furball as Rith took action on Mari... Until Sarika got shot.

It was a sniper on a roof up above. Most of the kitties besides myself and Rith took cover. Fra went to Sarika's side to try to stop the bleeding as did Dui, though not the bleeding part. Dui and Sarika are lovers, so it was hard on Dui. Sadly My first day in the walkers I had to patch Dui up in similar circumstances...

Anyways... Beatriz, Mari, and Reiyn went into action hunting the sniper with Rith going up alogn the other side of buildings to hunt him. I decided to stay and see if I could help Sarika, but Fra had it under control so I decided to guard the door instead. The sniper suicided, but he was a strange one....

Rith did have it out with Mari after that. I decided to head to Disco's funeral during it however... I stayed silent through most of it, but I just felt to guilty about her death to say anything. I also stood next to this tree which a 'thing' was up in... It smelled of burnt flesh and dripped, or rather oozed, blood and other fluids which caused me to spend alot of my none sulking time trying not to gag. It caused some fuss at the end of the funeral, but I was to tired and depressed to stay and watch.
(More to come as it was a week full of events)

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