Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midian Files: The Return

Yes, two installments in one week! This is more actual goings on in Midian rather than back story.

Getting back to Midian was hard, but nothing like the challenge of actually reconnecting once I was back.

It didn't help to learn the bits of news I heard on my return... My favorite kitten Myca was dead, as was Sadira and Myca's mate Landen. Some form of triple homicide/suicide. It makes me a sad kitty as I miss them. The catwalkers seem torn over the whole thing to, most don't even show up to the den anymore, it feels like a ghost town.

Mari was also kicked out of the walkers for events I am not aware of, maybe it was the final straw after her shooting of an ex-kitten...? Oddly she hangs around the den which is what she killed the other kitten for after he left. I haven't really forgiven her for that yet, so maybe I'm just projecting though. Rith's ways are often mysterious, but then so are those of most leaders.

I've also learned my favorite bar the Twilight Zone was shot up and now sits almost always empty. Reconstruction apparently not high on the list of priorities. It seems my old friend Cat was the one that shot the place up in a fight with some then TZ security woman.

On that note I also discovered that my old friend Cat was now head of the Mercs with my friend Craven as her second. Though Cat is out of town right now. I hope she's not in as much danger as I was... Things had become estranged between me and her before I left, but she's still a friend. Craven on the other hand... Seems he managed to find himself a mate! She's a pretty thing named Honey. Which is odd to me as I remember a certain kitten with that name, they are nothing alike though.

I even found Edna my favorite bartender, back in the days of Disco and Rej, now she runs a tattoo parlor. I also hear she got married! Everyone seems to be hooking up. Why can't I even get a date in Midian outside of Marie before she went crazy and got killed...? Anyways we had a nice long talk, it was nice that warm homey feeling...

However this is Midian something bad must always happen... In this case it's that Disco was later found dead after having committed suicide. After fighting so hard to live, I can't understand someone giving up. Sadly I had seen her walk by Edna's shop before it happened and I thought to go say 'hi', but I decided to wait til later... Only there is no later now. It leaves you to wonder 'What if?', maybe I could have stopped her from going through with it... Then again maybe not. And we will never know.

My friend Markko is the one that found her and it seems they had become very close friends before this. I'll try to cheer him up a bit... He's had his own troubles lately.... I hear he was kicked out of his faction for um... 'indiscretion' in certain 'activities'.

It's been one week now since I've been back and I've missed so much. But I should be asleep, I'll write more later.

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