Thursday, July 5, 2007

Finally an update!

To start off with today I'll do some items from HAD (Hollow Angel Designs):

This first one is a 'silk' design called 'Aire Elements', which is part of a set of element designs they offer. This one is very nice with all sorts of lacy/frilly/bejeweled accents. Really otherwise my pictures speaks for itself. It does have some nice armbands with flexi-strands and you can buy a hair strand to go in it as well, with a matching textured hair band to keep it in place... The downside to that is it expects long hair... Which you'll notice I hardly ever wear... ^_^

Next is 'Elements Silk Fire', which is more of a tattoo of sorts than a set of silks or an outfit... and which comes with a very ugly skirt... Sorry, but that thing is rather ugly and you'll probably never see me wear it... It's also very non-flexi as it's a skirt layer... The fire textures are sweet though... If only it seemed more like 'clothes' than 'tattoos' I'd wear it allot more... It has a second top texture, so you can even very out the pattern to suit your taste... The one is a tad less PG on my skin as it has transparent areas right were my nips are...!

Up next is the 'Brocade Goth Gown'... Of which I have no idea why it's called a 'gown'... It's more a long coat over lingerie... Which isn't a bad thing at all, but... ^_^ Anyways... The long coat is a jacket and skirt layer pair, and has absolutely ugly texturing... The edges are all ratty and blocky and the texture itself is just not appealing... Makes me think I'm a homeless guy or something... Not what I want in my look... >_> The lingerie part though is cute and sexy... It just needs something over top of it unless your in the bedroom and it's not that ugly jacket...
So far I haven't found a good match, but I'm still looking!

This also shows off the boots a little which also came from HAD, They are fairly nice boots with metal buckles along the sides. They are a tad over-sized for my shape and height, but so are most boot designs in SL...

Now this next design is called 'Egyptian Silk', and does in fact conjure images of egypt in my head... But more egypt at war or egypt metal-crafting, than 'silk'. The top is a nicely detailed metal texture with good accents, which I actually like allot, and they do sell it separately (or something awfully close) . This does haven flexi-prim flowing white fabric armbands which is a nice touch... I love armbands... And the belt ties into the 'silken' skirt nicely, with a nice cotton like fabric texture on the skirt... You'll note I never actually say anything in this outfit is silk (I did tease by calling the skirt 'silken' in quotes though), So why exactly is it called 'Egyptian Silk' again...?

And now we have another design... Which they bill as a full body tattoo... Called 'Black Lace'. The funny thing is that this is basically a take on the fire design above done in black instead of the 'fire' tones that more easily tease you into believing it's a light colored skin tattoo... This is harder to believe as a 'tattoo' than as a very very skimpy lace outfit... Which is how I treat it... I do however love it as a super skimpy and sexy set of lingerie... It works great as that...

Next up is 'Girl Punk', which is a lovely 'cute punk' design. I'm not a big fan of pink, but this outfit uses pink the right way... To make it soften a otherwise 'hard' outfit that is dark in color scheme. This design also sports several skull and crossbones designs... In fact they are all over this outfit... I'm not exactly sure why a fairly 'pirate'-like image is plastered all over it, but that's ok... I love the detail work and the overall quality is high. The prim skirt does have a slight flaw (which you can probably see in the pic), but even that works pretty well. In fact the skirt is one of my more favorite pairings for prim skirts... Rather than using a 'pants' layer to fix issues between it and the main section of the outfit, it uses a skirt layer... Why do I prefer this? Mostly because it doesn't off any under layers like most of the skirt fixes that use pants do... So if you wanted you could wear this one with a set of 'stockings' that go from your feet to up under the skirt where it should... And not look weird.

'Pretty in Punk' is the next outfit. This is a bikini... sort of... I'm really nto sure how this is meant to be worn exactly... Is it meant to go under other clothes...? Or is it actually meant for the beach...? I do have a summer bikini review in the works, but I haven't gotten to far on it yet... Since I couldn't decide though, This will go up here and maybe show up later as well... ^_^ I do love the texturing, the pink and black do go fairly well together and it's just the sort of thing I love to take off... Er... Tease with, yes that's it! ^_^

Moving along we have another favorite of mine, 'Tied and Bound'. This is all straps and ties of various sorts over grey fabrics of different types, the bikini top is a shiny 'leather' texture, the corset is maybe a type of denim material, and the denim pants finish off the pieces. The detail is great, with good accents... I know I so wouldn't want to try to make it... The belt is a prim, but I could not get it to go just where I wanted it... Which was annoying. I think belts are hard to do as prims because like this one most tend to end up getting lodged in various parts of your body as you move... I did manage one good shot were it wasn't stuck in me somewhere though... ^_^

Also another good shot of those boots I mentioned earlier... They look really good with this outfit...

'Untamed' is the last design for this update (because I need to take more pictures). It's got a bikini top that is a red variant of the top from the last outfit, but the corset is of a different style... It also has a amazingly low riding thong... It's a good thing this girl shaves... ^_^ And last are the 'pants', these are actually chaps for pants without anything under them (normal chaps go over jeans). Which is good for in a 'I want to reveal as much SL flesh as possible' way... ;)

Oh and yes I am wearing those same boots again... But this time I tucked them under the chaps rather than wearing the pants tucked into the boots...

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Ginseng Kyong said...

Girl punk.. yeah, looks great.

Love the black dress with the hint of pink on it.

Hmm plus you can't go wrong with a short skirt.