Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poetry, Lonely Hearts: My Angel

Well I'm about to make a crazy number of posts as I decided to post my poetry to my blog... Well I wanted to do the last poem I made up here and they are really a set, so I need to start from the beginning...

My Angel

I gazed upon a sight
That took my breath away
An angel come to earth

When I look into your eyes
I believe there is a heaven
To match this hell

When every mans hand was raised against me
When every mans back was turned to me
You stretched out your hand to me

In that instant you became
The world to me
And for the first time I felt free

Free to love
Free to laugh
Free to be me

But I’m just a mortal
Human to the core
Faulty as any can be

Can it really be, that an angel wants to be with me?

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