Thursday, July 12, 2007

No update for you...

I had one more pic from the last set of pics I took which I was going to post up today... But I decided instead to wait a bit and post up some pics on tattoos... That's what the pic was of, but just having one tat review up seemed such a waste... Much like why I haven't done my swimsuit review yet... But I do have a number of tats, so I'll try to get some pics tonight and then I can have a host of pics for everyone to see tomorrow all with reviews!

See you then... ^_^

Well I did take the pics, but then I realized I'd left my thumb drive at work last night and couldn't take them in... So you'll have to wait til Saturday morning.


Seraphine said...

oo I love tattoos. *nudge *nudge.

theshadow said...

I picked up another tattoo Saturday morning, so I need another photo before I post... And I forgot my thumb drive at work, so I can't move the photos here to post them... yet.