Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shopping Spree Part 2

Well as promised here is part 2 of my shopping spree, lets see if I can finish this before I leave work today... ^_^

First is another design from Pixel Dolls. This one is called 'Bonney'. I just felt like adding the hat as the last design had given me a southern feel that just so required it. This as you can see consists of two parts: a corset and a skirt. The corset has some nice detailing and is a lacy design that fits nicely with almost anything. Not quite as good as the rose corset I got from PD, but that may just be my obsession with roses. The skirt is both a prim skirt and a cover up layer and is a nice frilly design as well. Both pieces look a lot like real lace which is wonderful for someone who likes lace.

Since I seem to have lost the picture of the third PD outfit, instead next up is 'Goth' by RPD. This outfit consists of a bunch of pieces. Blouse, Frilly shirt sleeves, Skirt, and socks. I love the 'laced' top look this blouse has and the red and black pieces look like they were designed into each other like a real blouse. The sleeves however are winners even if my hands do tend to go through them way to often. The skirt however is my least favorite part. It's just a normal skirt layer, which I usually like but as with most skirt layers it 'breaks' in the middle during certain positions. The knee high socks finish this off with cute red and black stripes. Even if I don't like the skirt much I do love this outfit...

This is from DE Designs and is called 'Vixen'. It's inspired by the outfit worn by Rayne in the game series called 'BloodRayne' about a half vampire girl who kills other vampires... It so happens I loved the two games of the series and I love the character Rayne, so when I saw this it became a 'must buy'. And boy what an outfit... To start with it includes: Gloves, Laced corset shirt, bra, jacket, 'skirt' to complete the jacket, panties, pants, and socks... No prim work, but OMG detailing texture work... The whole thing is just great... I'm just not sure what else to say, so maybe I'm a tad to much of a fan girl for this outfit... ^_^

Btw this pic also shows my new neko punk armband I picked up, However I don't remember the name of the shop... So if you know, let me know so I can credit them... While I know I could create the same thing, I love the neko-ness of it, so I wear it alot.

After that we also have another outfit from DE Designs called 'Wishmaster'. It is highly detailed just like Vixen and includes even more pieces to play with as it includes an alternate jacket and alternate pants (the second set being short shorts). Again this is a design I love... The straps/buckles on the jacket I used for this picture alone are enough to make me like it.. The boots (pants layer) though are a nice touch and go fairly well with my rose biker boots from shiny things once I remove the upper part of the boot. The detail again is amazing here and about the equal of the amazing detail in the design I bought from Infinity. Though in the end this was far cheaper than he infinity design, because this outfit came with much more.

The last design for today is actually a freebie from 22nd Century Yedo. Which isn't a store so much, but a club. However I love the silky transparencies of this designs skirt. It's actually two layers of transparent skirt material with a clothing layer skirt underneath. The top manages to fit into this chaos. If only I could get it in shades of red this would be stunning! The green just isn't my color. The ribbons in my hair come with it to, to make an even more flowing mess of loveliness. So even though it's a freebie it gets an honorable mention from me.

And your bonus pic today is another from the wishmaster outfit, enjoy!


Seraphine said...

You look wonderful in everything. You even make freebies look sexy.

theshadow said...

Thank you. *blushes* ^_^

nb9w1c29 said...

This is Great I love your blog! I found this site a few years ago, and I wanted you to check it out too!