Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shopping Spree

Like any other woman when I feel down I go shopping... And I've needed to update this with some new outfits anyways, so here are my finds for this outing:

One complete set from Gritty Kitty was my most recent purchase. The set seems to be called 'Harajuku Luv' for the modern Japanese style it resembles. It includes a smock, undies, that amazingly detailed skirt, and the leg warmers I'm wearing in the picture. It also has some additions you can purchase such as leggings and paired barrette + bangle combos. I love the detailing in this outfit and with so many layers to mix and match, I'm having way to much fun in the couple of hours I've played with it so far. However the skirt, as always, can be a pain to fit. It's very much a love/hate relationship with the skirt, as I love the design and the detail, but even I have problems fitting the darn thing making a 'pants' cover up layer needed, could we at least start making them a skirt layer...? The leg warmers are all sorts of cool as well with several versions to choose from in the same pack. The last thing I'm going to spent time on is the undies... These come in a single pack with (I believe) six styles and 4 pieces (pant or bottoms and bra or shirt) each for 24 items alone! Really great work, please Gritty Kitty make more womens clothes!

Next up is a close-up on some new items I grabbed from Curious Kitties. First up is that tiny speck on the left side of my nose, unfortunately these days SL doesn't seem to want to zoom all that close so I couldn't show it any better... But I am wearing a cute little blue nose stud gem. It was cheap and cute, so don't blame me, blame the cute! Then their is that lip ring I'm sporting. It's a tiny silver cat paw design which is just darling... And finally the cutest of the cute is that 'nekolace' as Curious Kitties styles it. It has a black kitten with a flexi tail on a red string with tiny little bells on it! It's just so cute I couldn't resist... Of course it looks far far better in person, so you'll have to go to the store yourself to buy it or find me in person.

Don't think I've covered this outfit before, it's Little Miss Gaisa. It's a geisha inspired design from Lil Nekos (which is related to LVS). This is heavy on the prim extras with bows (2 arm bows & 1 back bow), a pair of hair sticks, and ruffles for the socks. It's also got that wonderful frilly skirt. All in a red and black design with some fairly good detailing you can see in the right light. This shot however was a sunset pick from my SL house, but I think it looks good for the blog to even if it seems a bit small. I love this for when I want to be all goth loli or just wear something fairly old fashioned and cute.

The last design for right now is Matalin from Pixel Dolls, this came out a bit ago... But I ran out of cash and wanted to do all three outfits at the same time. Well I got tired of waiting so here is the first of the designs. This is also the first time I ever wore a hat in SL. It looks a bit off in this picture, but It makes me feel like some sort of cowgirl in SL. Which makes a bit of sense since Nephilaine was watching to much Firefly at the time... ;)

Anyways, This design uses a one sided half skirt with what looks almost like a one piece below it as the bottoms match into the shirt. The shirt itself is a wonderful texture and an interesting design. The sleeves are sculptie ruffles with lace. The hat is also from Pixel Dolls and is one of her sculptie designs, it's just called 'curved brim hat' in my inventory. I've worn this design several times though and I love it.

Amazingly it took me from 7 am at work til 4 pm to write just this much because they've been keeping me jumping... So more for you tomorrow, but first a bonus pic of me in my lovely new Harajuku outfit (this time with the bra top), enjoy! ^_^


Chloe Streeter said...

I love that Little Miss Gaisa dress. Very cute :)

By the way, you know you can use Ctrl+0 to zoom in, right? You can also use Ctrl+8 to zoom out and Ctrl+9 to return to the default zoom.

theshadow said...

I actually didn't, but I've gotten to be something of an expert with the alt+left mouse button camera controls (I shop entire stores by using those controls). SL though has been playing games with the camera since 17.2 for me, zooming all over the place almost randomly at times... Not sure why...

I uploaded a few more pics to my set on Flikr, but I'm not the flikr expert you guys are... ;)