Sunday, June 17, 2007

Canimal & Site News

Well I meet up with a old friend I haven't seen in about six months yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to do an update. So I will do it today... I also have some more news. **Hybrid**, Deviant Kitties, and Ravenwear all dropped off some items for me to review for you guys! **Hybrid** dropped off neko, kitsune, usagi, and mouse ears/tails and some neko skins. Deviant Kitties sent me a mix of shirts, pants, underwear, accessories, and hair. And Ravenwear sent me a brand new outfit just released today!

Now onto Canimal:

First up is 'stripes' a nice black and white striped dress. I had a bit of an issue with the default skirt size as you can see in the picture, that or it's meant to be an oddly shaped frill. I decided when I started (though I didn't mention it) to review stuff in as default a fashion as possible when it's a set like this is, so I didn't try to edit it for this picture. After all you guys should see that you may have to edit the skirt to fit right... I do like the dress outside the prim skirt issue.

Now we have a black dress called 'forever', now I also had issues with this skirt (I'm starting to wonder about Canimal Zephyr's waist size ^_^ ), but in all it doesn't look as bad because it's black and blends in better. In fact it's hard to notice in this picture. I love the top though with the slits. Nothing like teasing a guy (or gal!) by showing hints of cleavage. I also like the texture, it's almost like a leather in fact I've seen 'leather' textures that look way less like leather than this does.

Now we have a outfit that comes in 4 options: Black shirt, black shirt with skull design, White Shirt, White shirt with skull design. and a better striped mini than what 'stripes' had! Now this skirt actually did fit correctly without altering it. However I didn't like the match to the top... That's not to say I didn't like the top, because I love the texturing and detail of the top. I just don't like it with this skirt, but maybe you do and that's just fine! I will however wear both parts in other outfits...

Canimal also sent me 2 'payu payu' bikini sets, a 'cute punk' set and a 'poka dot' set. These I'm going to hold off on, as I'm hoping to get some more swimwear shortly... Then I'll have a big summer swimwear roundup... I will say I like the cute punk set though... I doubt I'm going to find to many punk swimsuits... Are punks not meant to like lounging in the pool...? I know my piercings aren't going to rust because I like the water... ^_^

I also want to round out my reviews of Last Call within my inventory... So...

This yummy studded leather set! I love this thing... It's got a nicely detailed jacket layer which is leather with studs in it and a built-in textured studded collar. Then we have a nice white studded front top that is a shirt layer. To finish it off we have these nice striped texture pants with their own belt. Once in awhile I'll be tempted to take out the white top to show some more skin (not that I'm not already in this outfit!), but otherwise I don't alter this in any way when I wear it... Which for me is rare...

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