Monday, June 4, 2007

Site News, New ventures, and even more shopping!

Hi everyone!

Things didn't go quite as planned this weekend, because I have been looking for a reliable way of uploading pictures to the blog (hence the fill-in spots for pictures I've taken, but can't stick on the page). I think I've found a solution however, so once I get home tonight I'll try uploading all my existing pics and linking them back in on here. Once that's done I'll start snapping more pics of myself in the different outfits I've bought...

I'll mention from within SL that their is now a 'Neko Clotheswhores and those that love them' group you can join! A group of us realized that we are just crazy for clothes shopping and so were most of the other neko shoujo we knew... So we made a group! Feel free to join up! Also I submitted my first poetry writings to a bookstore in SL. I can't remember the name of the store at work here, but I'll edit this to include it once I get home. So far the people that have seen my work like it, so I'm happy... ^_^

I did however go shopping this weekend, but it was for neko gear... In fact I spent all day Sunday hopping from neko place to neko place... I would hope most people already know about Jungle Voodoo, but their is also the elusive **Hybrid** that has a ton of stuff... Including a ball of yarn! You don't understand the kitteny goodness of a ball of yarn until you've seen it in action! I've searched for about a week now to find a ball of yarn and I finally did at **Hybrid**. Hehe my club now has a ball of yarn on the floor for neko's to play with! If I only had a house I'd have a cute little neko bed (for up to 3 neko!), but I have no place to put it so it will stay in the store til I buy it... It's cute though as it looks like a laundry basket... Stick in 3 half-naked kitty girls and you have a scene at once cute and sexy!

I also picked up a pack of Neko spot tats at **Hybrid**, so when I'm in the mood for it I can look even more neko in a tiny bikini and a bunch of spots... Or this set of leather straps and spots... ;)

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