Friday, June 15, 2007

Site News & Updates

Hello everyone!

I've gotten swamped at work the last couple of days so no shopping for me... I did however get a system in at work that can run SL... Though at a whole whoppin' 1.5 fps, so it's nearly useless... But I can at least check in on occasion and maybe sort through my inventory when I forget a name while I'm writing my reviews... So that should be an improvement.

I've also been looking at buying a house RL-wise because I'm way past tired of renting and roommates... So that's taken up some time over the last couple days as well. I'm awfully tempted to over spend when it comes to getting a house... I want a pool, A/C, jacuzzi bath, patio/deck, nice yard... Which is kinda bad... ^_^

Now onto fashion news... Canimal was nice enough to send me some things to review this morning before I left for work... So I'll be taking a look later tonight and should have a review up tomorrow or Sunday. I'm also working on that really really big Pixel Dolls finale with all the other bits I picked up from there. I'm hoping to finish that this weekend... I'm also trying to get in touch with more places about taking a look at some of their designs.

Well Now I should get back to my crazy day at work. Cya!

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