Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mega Update Part 1: Solange, Nymphetamine, Curious Kitties

Well I was waiting for my favorite someone today and what, of course, would I do while waiting...? Yes that's right this utter clotheswhore went shopping! First since search is back up (I'd forgotten to manually bookmark them!) I headed over to Curious Kitties and laid down some cash for a few pieces... Then I decided to stop by Nymphetamine and pick out a few things... That's where I saw a nice silk outfit... and decided to go silk shopping! So I went to Solange... I then ran out of money.... very very quickly... So here is a rundown of what I bought. ^_^

The first thing I picked up was this sweet dress called 3045... It comes in black and purple, but I was in a red mood... It's very future urban like allot of Curious Kitties designs. Not a bad thing however. With my current skin I do flash a bit of breast on the sides, probably a bit more than I'd want normally... But It's a shirt layer item, so you can wear a bra underneath if you wanted to... It also includes gloves to match the dress itself. The skirt is nicely slit down the side showing some ass, but not to much. I love this design, my only complaint is that it costs twice most of their other outfits in price... It is lovely though, and could work as a 'little red dress'.

Next is a puppet master outfit from Curious Kitties, this includes props (which you can't see because of my pose when I took this) that mimic those puppet rods that you use to make them move and they trail flexi 'strings' around. It's a very interesting effect. The shirt is rather nice for this design, though I'm not much for white. I also didn't think the skirt was all that great, but it's inclusion does make this a complete outfit. The skirt itself is two pieces a skirt layer and a prim skirt, the prim skirt looks good with little slits in it for effect. It however can't really be worn by itself and I found the accompanying skirt layer downright annoying. It begins well above the prim skirt and extends way to far out the sides....

This little number is called 'Subete Gothic Lolita Dressie'. I don't think it works well in the end and I think my issues with it are that the skirt looks wrong for this outfit. I actually do like the skirt, just not here... The the whole thing looks sort of... Classic by about 2 centuries, minus the skirt being way to short for that period. I want to like it, but I don't think it works quite as they planned and it looked far far better in the sign. The texturing though is awfully nice and I think with pieces from other outfits I may come up with a good use for the parts from this. Mostly the 'socks', gloves, and the shirt. I don't think I have anything to match well with the skirt or I could probably save that as well.

Now on to Nymphetamine where I picked up something called "Gildamish Silk Set". I absolutely _Love_ this outfit. It's all silver metal work on filmy black fabric. Twisting curving serpentine designs highlight all the right places and a few more areas. The fabric isn't really that important in this design, but it does provide a base for the rest of this outfit to work from. It also has a absolutely lovely semi-sheer black 'skirt' of fabric that trails and flows seductively around you when you walk in this. It comes highly recommended and for 'silk' isn't a bad price at all for what you get... It however does leave something to be desired compared to...

This outfit from Solange called "Kadin" which is meant as a Turkish Harem silk outfit. As you can tell by the picture I picked it up in Red with Silver trim... This is easily the most gorgeous outfit I've ever seen in SL. Their are a ton of pieces to this... Even more so if you buy the insanely detailed micro-prim Jewelry collection that goes with this. There is a crazy amount of detail in this outfit, if I bought silk in RL like this I'd be spending at least a grand on it... It also has more pieces then you can use at once, so you can customize the amount of skin you show... In this case I showed about as much as possible. Just me, the silk, and the fine silver jewelry... ^_^ The only downside I can think of for this outfit is the price... Between jewelry and silks it ends up costing about $1500L. It however is worth every penny... It's also currently my favorite silk set of all time.

I also grabbed this little number called "Sahara" in black with gold trim. In this picture I tossed on the short short strip of fabric that someone may be able to call a 'skirt', but I can't... ;) It does have a long skirt version, but it does not have the sheer wealth of options that the more expensive Kadin set has. Which is understandable. The Kadin with all it's lovely texturing is a very hard act to follow. This is still one of the best Silk outfits I've seen and nearly ties the set of silks from Nymphetamine in my favorites, in the end I'd still buy this if you want a good set of silks. As I did in the picture I'd also suggest pairing it with the jewelry for the Kadin set or better yet a good selection of gold jewelry if you buy the black with gold trim as I did. I am a tad lacking in gold jewelry so I went with the jewelry for the Kadin set instead.

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