Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pixel Dolls Snake Charmer Jeweled Dress

Well this last weekend I went to Pixel Dolls as part of my review gift, I've been holding off on doing my review only because of the picture issues I finally fixed a couple days ago. This morning I took a few of their Snake Charmer Jeweled Dress, I have it in both black and red. Though I took the pictures in the black with the jeweled necklace from the red. I mixed them because I prefer the red 'ruby' gems to the dark 'black' gems. I also wore a Rose corset 'jacket' in the one picture, which I think works very nicely with the outfit. This outfit is one I love... I've even worn it out and about and want to find a 'best in black' competition that I can go to this weekend... I think it's quite hot enough I could win...

Expect more posts this week and into the weekend for other items by them!

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