Friday, June 1, 2007

Brief Shopping Spree, Pixel Dolls, & Seburo PD

Well my RL GF's birthday didn't quite go as planned and everyone ended up all stressed out, so I did in fact make it home in time to do some shopping... And I was on a fairly limited budget as I'd gotten down to something like $60L after my last shopping trip... Then I found it... A sweet shirt and tie from Torrid Wear that was cheap! And so an idea struck me to replace that bad schoolgirl outfit with a new one... So I went looking for a vest or jacket to go with it and came upon a 'sweater jacket' from Pixel Dolls... I bought it up in as dark a color as I could get (a charcoal grey color) because most of my wardrobe is full of darker colors... and purples or reds... and I want to reuse it if at all possible. I however ran out of money at this point... So I returned to the club I work at to check in and look for a suitable skirt... My plaid skirts are all red base-color designs and even though the tie does have those colors in it, they didn't work together... So hunting through my archive of clothes I went... And came out with a grey satin mini-skirt. I left on my thigh-high black socks, tossed on some black mary jane shoes, and for the heck of it added in some black lace gloves. It doesn't look like a normal schoolgirl outfit, but it does look like a private bordering school girl outfit... A tad domish for my tastes, but it looks nice and is way way better then the store bought outfit...

This morning however I got a nice surprise... I'd hopped over to the Pixel Dolls blog after visiting one of their stores and noticed a new plan to replace sending review copies to fashion blogs (I've noticed well known blogs get sent review outfits when reading their blogs)... So I figure I'd send off a note asking if I could get in on the deal... Well this morning I got my reply
, which was a nice gift from Nephilaine Protaganist. So I went shopping!

I headed over to what I believe is the main store, it's positively huge so I can't imagine it was a side store, and went nuts picking through clothes... I picked up some new sculptie designs she just rolled out and bunches of outfits and various pieces... I also checked out the partners/lines like Seburo PD... Who I picked up a great outfit from called 'nightmare', it's all red and black leather and is a complete set from undies on up to skirt and jacket layers. In fact my favorites from this outfit are the jacket and skirt layers, which are a sets of straps/belts/buckles that crisscross around the front and back... I have the feeling I will be using those with many outfits from now on. The shirt and pants are also very good, with a lot of nice detailing (though due to coloring it can be hard to catch some of the details). The undies are the worst thing about it, they would be fine except they look like someone cut them out with sheers... Now sometimes I don't mind looking like that, but I was a tad disappointed with it here. I'll probably use some black lace or black leather panties and bra (well if I decide to wear either) underneath this due to that. But with such nice pieces for the rest of the outfit I think I can safely ignore the 'undies issue'. Oh it also comes with black socks and shoes/boots (which are hard to see except at the heel because they blend), nothing fancy and the shoes are non-prim but that's ok as far as I'm concerned.

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